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Escape to Paradise: Discovering the Charm of Old Homosassa Springs, Florida with Gulf Coast Getaways

Updated: Oct 27

Old Homosassa Springs & Flamingos
Old Homosassa Springs & Flamingos

Old Homosassa Springs, Florida, is a small, charming town located on the west coast of the state. The town has a rich history that dates back to the early 1800s when it was originally settled by Native American tribes. Over time, the town grew and developed into a thriving community that was known for its natural beauty and abundant resources.

Flamingos at Ellie Schiller State Park Homosassa Springs Florida
Flamingos at Ellie Schiller State Park Homosassa Springs Florida

One of the town's most notable features is the Homosassa River, which runs through the heart of Old Homosassa Springs. The river has long been a source of food and transportation for the town's residents, and it is still a popular spot for fishing and boating today.

In the late 1800s, Old Homosassa Springs began to attract tourists who were drawn to the town's natural beauty and unique ecosystem. The town's crystal-clear springs, which are fed by an underground aquifer, were particularly popular with visitors. People come from all over the world to swim, snorkel, and scuba dive in the springs, which are home to a variety of fish, turtles, and other aquatic life.

Manatees Salad Bar at Ellie Schiller State Park
Manatees Salad Bar at Ellie Schiller State Park

Over time, Old Homosassa Springs became known as a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. In the early 1900s, the town's first hotel was built to accommodate the growing number of visitors. Today, Old Homosassa Springs is home to a number of hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that cater to tourists.

Despite its popularity as a tourist destination, Old Homosassa Springs has managed to maintain its small-town charm and sense of community. The town's residents are proud of their history and culture and work hard to preserve the natural beauty and resources that make their home so special.

If you're looking for a quiet, peaceful getaway that offers plenty of outdoor activities and natural beauty, Old Homosassa Springs is the perfect destination, be sure to look into it with Gulf Coast Getaways. Whether you're interested in fishing, boating, or just relaxing by the river, this charming town has something for everyone. Britt, the Boys, and I really love this little town and it gets harder to leave every time we visit!


Old Mill Tavern - A true old-school dive bar that knows its strengths—outstanding fried shrimp and chicken wings! While they offer other tempting dishes, I confess I've never ventured beyond these classics. The drinks here are fantastic, and the staff's snarky yet friendly banter always adds to the fun. The Old Mill never disappoints!

10465 W Yulee Dr., Homosassa, FL, 34448 | +1 352-628-BOOZ

Monkey Bar - Our ultimate go-to for the best vibes is the Monkey Bar—it's the epitome of laid-back. With a riverfront view, open-air setting, incredible drinks, and brick oven pizzas, it's a guaranteed win. Rain or shine, we never miss a trip here. And while you're savoring the atmosphere, don't forget to soak up the fascinating history of the bar and Monkey Island. A truly enriching experience!

5297 S Cherokee Way, Homosassa, FL 34448 | +1 (352) 765-4167 |

The Freezer - Every visit to this place has been a flavor-filled adventure. But our hearts truly belong to their steamed shrimp. Cooked to perfection every single time, it's a buttery, cocktail sauce-drenched experience that pairs wonderfully with a cold beverage. In fact, I think I just solved tonight's dinner dilemma!

5590 S Blvd, Homosassa, FL 34448 | +1 (352) 628-2452

Kelly's Half Shell Pub - Just a short 5-minute jaunt from Homosassa, this hidden gem is an absolute culinary delight. The food here consistently wows with every visit. The Corned Beef Eggrolls and Tuna Sashimi are my go-to choices; they're so well executed it's hard to resist. But let me tell you, I've explored the entire menu, and every dish stands out. And it's not just the food that's exceptional—don't miss their drinks. The Guinness Bloody Mary and Smoked Old Fashioned are unique and well done. A taste sensation that's worth the short trip

390 N Suncoast Blvd, Crystal River, FL 34429 | +1 (352) 228-8366 |

Things to do:

Ellie Schiller State Park - This place exceeded all our expectations on our first visit, and now it's a can't-miss experience for us. It's a stunning spot, offering serene walks around springs, fascinating animal exhibits, and an opportunity to learn, all while soaking in the beauty of authentic old Florida.

4150 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa, FL, 34446 | +1(352)-423-5564 |

Kayaking the Chazz - The Chassahowitzka River remains one of our all-time favorite paddling spots. The boys absolutely love it and, with the right snacks in tow, they've got the stamina to conquer the entire route. The whole journey is a scenic wonder, but don't miss the highlights—make sure to visit the 7 Sisters Spring and the Crack. These natural wonders are an absolute must-see! We usually launch from the campground, where a mere $5 parking fee grants us access. If you're without gear, they've got kayaks and canoes available for rent. A paddling adventure that's worth every ripple

8600 W Miss Maggie Drive, Chassahowitzka, Fl, 34448 | +1 (352)-382-2200 |

Weeki Wachee Springs - While the incredible Mermaid show takes the spotlight, this place offers so much more you can't miss in town. Buccaneer Bay promises fun with thrilling slides, a lazy river, and an impressive diving platform. It's a hit with the boys every time! And if you're up for adventure, put the kayak trip on your to-do list. Pro tip: schedule your launch in advance because this experience is so popular it books up fast. Don't miss out on this town gem!

6131 Commercial Way, 34606-1121, Weeki Wachee | +1 (352)-597-8484 |

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