Crystal Cove State Park – Moro Beach

The delightful and vivid shoreline of Moro Beach is the southern shoreline in Crystal Cove State Park. It is located between Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar. Access to Moro Beach is simple. From the Moro Campground and the Moro Canyon Day-Use Area there is a walkway under Pacific Coast Highway that leads the shoreline. You and your family can investigate the numerous inland climbing trails of the San Joaquin Hills which proceed into the bordering Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. Appreciate a restful outing with the family and keep in mind that a good walking shoes are a must!

8471 N. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Tel: (949) 494-3539

Crescent Bay Beach

One of the biggest shorelines on the Laguna Beach coastline is Crescent Bay Beach and is favored by travelers and local people alike. Getting to the shoreline is easy as there is an open passageway on Cliff Drive very close to where the shoreline itself starts. This shoreline is well known for its surfing as the waves give an amazing ride for both experts and beginners.

Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Shaw’s Cove

Shaw’s Cove is a little sandy shoreline frequented for the most part by local people. It’s concealed underneath homes in Laguna Beach so unless you think about it or are searching for it, you will undoubtedly miss it. There is however an open access to Shaw’s at the crossing point of Fairview Street and Cliff Drive off Pacific Coast Highway. From that point a long stairway leads directly to the beach. The perfectly hued tide pools are uncovered amid low tides (please remember not to touch or take anything from these tide pools as this is a State Marine Conservation Area). This is also a popular spot for scuba divers, snorkelers, swimming and body boarding.


999 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Main Beach

After strolling through quaint, downtown Laguna Beach, cross PCH and you are standing on beautiful Main Beach. Walk along the boardwalk that borders the beach and a park which has basketball courts, sand volleyball courts and children’s play section. On many weekends, local artisans host a craft fair and you can usually see locals playing chess. Main Beach has Lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of your family (in addition, surfing is not permitted in the summer).

107 S.Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Aliso Beach

Aliso Beach County Park in South Laguna is the beach to go for families and one of the few beaches with a long expanse of beach, a large parking section, restrooms, and play area for the kids.  It is also favored by body surfer and skim boarders since the waves can reach the beach at times. For more calm swimming waters, walk to the north end and you will fine Treasure Island Beach.

31131 S.Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Fisherman’s Cove Beach

Looking for a small, out-of-the-way beach with gorgeous views? Fisherman’s Cove Beach is worth visiting. This is a popular diver’s destination as the there is a steep drop just off the shore with a rocky bottom which also makes this a place for experienced swimmers only. This is a great place to escape the popular, crowded beaches. Park on Cliff Drive and the sign for Fisherman’s Cove is visible at the entrance to the beach.

843 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

Picnic Beach at Heisler Park

Picnic Beach is part of Heisler Park and is located on the north end.  Aptly named, you can picnic on the beach or at the park with many picnic tables available. Picnic Beach attracts scuba divers since they also have access to Diver’s Cove which is just to the north. There are also amazing tide pools on the south end which are enjoyed by kids and adults alike (please remember not to touch or take anything from the pools).  Getting to the beach is easy as there is ramp in the middle of the park adjacent to Myrtle Street.

400 Cliff Dr
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Pearl Street Beach

Pearl Street Beach has a nickname of Arch Cove or Beach due to its rock wall with a “Keyhole” natural arch.  There is a rocky shelf after the arch (at low tide only) and this will take you to Woods Cove Beach.  Meander through the tides pools at low tide and note that body surfing is not allowed.   The stairway to this beach is at the end of Pearl Street.

1791 Ocean Way, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

Woods Cove Beach

Beautiful Woods Cove Beach is flanked by rocky points and the south end is nicknamed Lover’s Cove.  A rock arch at the north end is the entrance to Pearl Street Beach.  It is best to visit at low tide since you will be able to walk under the arch, explore the tide pools and view the large rocks the jut out of the water.  These beautiful rocks and rip tides do make it unsafe for swimming but popular for scuba diving.  Access is a stairway that starts at the end of Diamond Street.


Ocean Way and Diamond St
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is sits right below some of Laguna’s fancy beach level homes and is a vast expanse of white sand.  Enjoy the view of the ocean and the amazing homes. The stairway to the beach is on the north end and easy to miss but is located next to 2713 Victoria Drive.

2713 Victoria Dr
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Treasure Island Beach

Treasure Island Beach is located just south of the renowned Montage Resort and is part of the same cove as Aliso Beach Park (Treasure Island is at the north end).  Swimming here is safer than Aliso Beach due to large offshore rocks that help keep the water calmer.  There is a concrete pathway leading to the beach from the Montage Resort.

Coast Highway and Wesley Dr
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Table Rock Beach

Table Rock Beach is a favorite spot for locals and is hidden away in South Laguna. Located in a small, deep cove, this is a great beach to relax on the beautiful sand, climb on the south end rocky point (leading you to another beach), or skim board. Park on Coast Highway and walk down Table Rock Drive to Bluff Drive and there will be a stairway (steep!) to the beach.


31595 Table Rock Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651